Bro*, your IP addess is

My IP address details (location):

Country United States
Region Virginia
City Ashburn
Time Zone America/New_York
Postal Code 20149
Latitude 39.0481
Longitude -77.4729

IP Geolocation Vs HTML5 geolocation

What is difference between getting location from my ip address, and getting location data from browser?

Getting geo-location from an ip address is only one of the ways to locate a machine (in our case, a phone, laptop or a desktop that has the browser on it). HTML5 provides a geo location api that can locate itself using any or combination of the following methods:

You can check how Firefox does it here: Firefox Geolocation. As a privacy feature, browsers do not track geo location all the time. When a user visits a location aware website, the website would ask for location information and the browser only shares it if the user has approved the request. As of Chrome v50.0, the geolocation feature only works on SSL enabled websites.

In IP Location method, we simply look up the IP address against the IP to location databases.

How accurate is IP geolocation when compared to nrowser based geolocation?

IP geolocation accuracy depends on the database used. That being said, it is quite accurate in locating the country, city and the postalcode (zipcode in the US).

HTML5 geolocation is often more accurate. In some cases it can locate your device withing a few metres. However, it all depends on the signal avaibility and the device you are using.